Hi! I’m Christine, the voice behind Must Love Dirt! I started this blog to talk about a few of the things I really enjoy in life: hobbies, family, and personal finance!

These three things may not seem like they go together but I assure you they are all interconnected! Being able to support my family and enjoy my hobbies starts with a good foundation in our personal finances. Something that is very important to me is that my family doesn’t suffer financial consequences for our hobbies or our lifestyle. That means that even though we have a lot of hobbies we like and trips we want to take, we refuse to sacrifice our family’s financial stability (either present and future) to do so. What does that even mean?

  • We take a lot of road trips to experience the natural beauty of our country rather than spend a lot of money on plane tickets to exotic lands.
  • I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to save money both big and small! A dollar saved is a dollar earned so I save money wherever I can, even if it’s just $0.50.
  • I love spending time and energy (and sometimes money!) on my hobbies but I am careful that these things also support my goals of being financial stable now and in the future.



At this point you’re probably wondering, what’s with the “dirt” reference? The simplest and easiest explanation is that a several of my favorite hobbies involve getting outside and getting a little dirty! Camping, cycling, horseback riding. All have quite a bit of dirt involved.

I’m also a boy mom. I’ll leave it at that. 😉

And then the finances. Getting what you want, financially and otherwise, takes a bit of grit and “getting your hands dirty.” You’re not going to live a financially stable life or prepare yourself well for retirement by just sitting around and waiting for it to happen. You have to work for it!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my stories with you!