How to Plan a FUN Road Trip

Most people love the idea of road trips. Open road, lots of tunes, gas station snacks. All the good stuff. 😉 But they can also get stressful quickly: getting lost, bad weather, realizing you forgot something important. We have a little experience under our belt road tripping. Just in 2017 we drove over 6700 miles!

Big road trip: 2700+ miles
Texas Househunting: 1600+ miles
Move to Texas: 800+ miles
Visiting Family in Texas: 200+ miles
Home to Louisiana for the Holidays: 1400+ miles

And each year before that we’ve taken at least 1 major road trip either to vacation or go home and visit family. Because of that, I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to make sure everyone has a good time!

Plan Your Route with Purpose

If you are taking a trip where the destination truly is the goal, such as a trip for a special event at your destination, I usually prefer the most direct route. Also, now that we travel with a toddler, I prefer to stick to interstates as much as possible because they usually have larger and cleaner travel stops. However, when it was just the two of us we took as many state routes and scenic roads as possible (and nearly ran out of gas a few times in Utah-not ideal). If you are going to do the wandering, small road thing, I definitely recommend filling up your gas tank whenever you have the opportunity because you never know how far the next station is.

Whatever your goal, make sure you plan your route according to what you want! The route you take can drastically change the feel and outcome of your trip!

Decide How Much You Want to Spend

Taking a road trip can be just as cheap or expensive as you want it to be! You know that no matter what you’ll be paying for gas, but you can save tons of money packing your own drinks and snacks. Caffeinated drinks are usually the most unexpected expense for us if we don’t plan properly. We are usually trying to cover a lot of ground each day and are always looking for our next cup of coffee or energy drink. If you know this is something you are going to want, pick some up in a bigger pack at the grocery and store them in a cooler.

Enjoy the Ride!

Road tripping is as much about journey as the actual destination, so enjoy it! Sometimes our driving days take us much longer than expected because we run into things we just have to stop and see! Remember, you’re in a car, there’s no plane to catch, and you can change your itinerary at the drop of a hat if you want!


Do you have any fun road trips planned?


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Recently while trying to catch up on blog reading, I read a post by one of my very favorite bloggers about not making excuses. Even though she published this about two weeks ago, it really resonated with me right now! There are a couple things going on in my life that require that I either put up or shut up, and Michelle’s post was very motivating to move myself into the “put up” category!


I have yet again gained a few more pounds. I do not like it. I do not feel good. And I’m not body shaming myself, I am not in good shape either. If maybe I was super fit and strong but still had a few extra pounds I wouldn’t worry. That is not the case here. This is pure laziness and white powdered donuts (they are like crack to me). I went to the gym purely just to force myself to be there today, and was embarrassed that I can’t even run a mile right now.

Horseback Riding

I’ve been in love with horses forever and riding on and off since I was 7. This is not an inexpensive hobby. So with my current part-time work status (which, ironically, gives me the time to ride again), I can’t exactly dive back in to the horse world like I would like. It’s pretty much just a toe dip at this point. But I want more, I need more! It’s just not financially responsible to spend tons of money on this hobby right now.

So what’s the point…

Over the last couple weeks I’ve spent significant time reflecting on what I really want my life to look like. I have unfortunately always put a lot of stock in what I thought everyone else thought my life should look like, which led to my making some decisions that I wasn’t happy with in the long term.

For example: I was basically a work-a-holic when we lived in Nebraska because I had changed careers and wanted desperately to prove that it had not been a bad decision. So I made it my mission in life to work as hard and as much as possible to get promoted as quickly as possible. I did achieve my goals but I had zero work life balance, something I craved at my core.

Now what?

It would be easy to sit here in front of my computer late at night and say that I’m going to change my whole life and lifestyle right now, but then it would also probably be a massive failure. Though I do feel something different than before. I’ve read what others have written about suddenly having this burning desire for something different. Once you get a taste of something different or have that vision in your head, you can’t rest until you get it. I am desperate to maintain my current level of work life balance but also have money for the things I love and want to do with my time.

So this time I’m going to push. I’ve been pushing myself to write something for about 5 days. Telling myself that I have more than enough free time and if I really want these things I envision, I had better get to work! I have seen too many people carve out their own success not to give it a try myself!

Tomorrow I will push myself to go to the gym again. I do not want to go, but if I keep pushing, in a week or a month or three, maybe I’ll look back and be happy with what I’ve accomplished! And just maybe, I’ll be a little closer to what I’m envisioning!

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