January Goals

Recently I have come to accept something about myself. I don’t just like goals, I need goals. Having something to work towards gives me a sense of purpose, especially while my normal routine is a little out of whack. I used to set goals every month and I really miss it and am so excited to get started again!

January 2018 Goals

  • Write/post 2018 Goals
  • Find a workout routine
  • Unpack all Master Bedroom boxes
  • Organize makeup/hair tools
  • plan first 2018 road trip

Write/post 2018 Goals

With all of the craziness of moving and traveling home to Louisiana right before the new year, I did not even think about goals for 2018 until I started seeing everyone posting about them! But I am such a goal oriented person that I do want to get some intentions written down for this year! And of course I’ll want to post them here!

Find a Workout Routine
I have not had a good fitness/exercise routine since just this side of forever. And since I’m got more time on my hands than usual right now it’s a perfect time to get into some good habits. OH, and I just found out that the base we just moved to hosts a sprint triathlon in the summer. Game on!

Unpack All Master Bedroom Boxes
We’re at the point in unpacking when the boxes are getting harder to unpack. The spaces are getting filled and it takes a lot more effort to find a place for everything. So I think that I need to just go room by room and get everything unpacked until I’m done. I tend to have some attention span problems and just wandering from room to room unpacking a box here and there will lead to me still having unpacked boxes when we leave here in 4 years. 😉

Organize Makeup/Hair Tools (and products, etc.)
Yeah. I like my beauty stuff. I’ve paired it down and yet it still seems to have babies at night when I sleep and end up a big mess all over my bathroom counter. Hubs has suggested several solutions and I think we’ve finally come up with a good one. I’ll be sure to grab some pictures!

Plan First 2018 Road Trip
We have a lot of plans for places to visit while we’re in Texas. First on my agenda is one of the THREE National Parks that are within 4-5 hour driving distance! (For comparison, the closest one to our home in Nebraska was 6.5 hours away.) I know it doesn’t seem much closer but it definitely feels like it and there are three, not just the one!

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