3 Easy Ways to Reduce Daily Stress

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Daily Stress

I am always on a journey to relieve stress in my life. From scented candles to exercise to breathing exercises, I feel like I’ve tried just about everything to manage my stress levels while be a working mom and military spouse. While a lot of the things I’ve tried do help and are still things I do often, there are a few small things I’ve been doing recently to try and develop good habits to reduce some day to day stress.

1. Set out your clothes the night before.

Starting out the day running late is the easiest way to begin your day on a stressful note! I did not realize how much time I was wasting in the mornings by either staring at my closet wondering what I should wear, or running up and down the stairs from 2nd floor bedroom to basement laundry room searching for that one article of clothing to complete an outfit! Or even worse, getting 95% dressed and realizing that one essential outfit piece is dirty! Gah! For the last couple of weeks I have been laying out my outfit, even down to my shoes and sometimes jewelry the night before, that way the only time I need for getting dressed is the time it takes to literally put my clothes on!

2. Keep a To Do list.

For me a lot of stress comes from knowing I have a lot to do but feeling like I don’t have a good plan on how to get it done. Whether I’m at work or have the day off, I get easily overwhelmed if I feel like I have too much to do but am unable to prioritize it in my head. If I make a list, then I can see clearly all the things I need to get accomplished and prioritize them more easily. Using highlighters and pretty colors help too. 😉

3. Eliminate Negativity

Recently I deleted Facebook & Facebook Messenger from my phone. I was so guilty of constantly checking to see what drama was going on during the day and I didn’t realize until recently how much stress it was causing! With all of the political battles, family arguing, etc, I just couldn’t take it anymore! I do still use Facebook, but it is conscious and not so constant as it was when I had the apps on my phone. If there’s something in your day to day life that’s causing a lot of negativity/stress in your life, try to get rid of it!


Obviously doing these things isn’t going to totally relieve all of your stress, but I can tell you it does go a long way to help the days be a little more pleasant and allow you to get a little more joy out of them!

Do you have any tricks to keeping stress away?

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